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“Write for Us” is a common invitation used by websites and blogs to encourage guest contributions from writers, bloggers, and subject matter experts. This call-to-action is typically aimed at individuals who wish to share their knowledge, insights, and expertise with a wider audience, contributing content that aligns with the host site’s niche and standards.

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Why Websites Use “Write for Us”

  1. Content Diversity: Guest posts bring fresh perspectives and new ideas, enriching the website’s content variety.
  2. SEO Benefits: Quality guest posts can improve search engine rankings by incorporating relevant keywords and attracting backlinks.
  3. Community Building: Inviting guest writers fosters a sense of community and collaboration within a specific niche or industry.
  4. Increased Traffic: High-quality guest posts can attract the guest writer’s audience, driving more traffic to the host site.

Benefits for Guest Writers

  1. Exposure: Contributing to a well-established site can significantly increase a writer’s visibility and reach.
  2. Credibility: Being published on reputable sites enhances the writer’s credibility and authority in their field.
  3. Backlinks: Guest writers typically receive backlinks to their own sites, boosting their SEO efforts.
  4. Networking: Guest posting helps writers build relationships with other bloggers and industry leaders.

Typical Guidelines for “Write for Us”

  1. Content Quality: Posts should be well-researched, original, and valuable to the site’s audience.
  2. Relevance: Articles must align with the site’s themes and audience interests.
  3. Length: Submitt content around 500-1,500 words.
  4. Formatting: Proper use of headings, subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to enhance readability.
  5. Links: We allow maximum 4 links in an article, Prices are varies for each more than 4 links.

We Accept Guest Posting Based on the Following Niches:

  • Guest Post + Forex
  • Guest Post + Cryptocurrencies
  • Guest Post + Finance
  • Guest Post + Bitcoins
  • Guest Post + NFTS
  • Guest Post + Tokens
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  • Guest Post + Crypto Trading
  • Guest Post + Forex Trading
  • Guest Post + Trading
  • Guest Post + Stocks
  • Guest Post + AI
  • Guest Post + Crypto Reviews
  • Guest Post + Forex Reviews
  • Guest Post + Bitcoin Reviews
  • Guest Post + Binary Options
  • Guest Post + Bonds
  • Guest Post + Commodities
  • Guest Post + Economy
  • Guest Post + Forex Analysis
  • Guest Post + Forex Fundamentals and News
  • Guest Post + Forex Signals
  • Guest Post + Forex Strategies
  • Guest Post + Forex Trading Psychology
  • Guest Post + Forex Trading Psychology
  • Guest Post + Brokers
  • Guest Post + Trading Brokers
  • Guest Post + Investing
  • Guest Post + Blockchain

And further. If any aforementioned categories interest you, kindly email us. Also, please inform us in case you require more topics. Content is approved and publish within 24 hours Day and you’ll receive an email once the content is publishe.

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  • Write For Us + Forex Fundamentals and News
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How to Submit

  1. Pitch: Some sites require an initial pitch or outline before submitting the full article.
  2. Submission Form: Many sites provide a submission form or a specific email address for guest post inquiries.
  3. Author Bio: A brief bio with a link to the writer’s site or social media profiles, often included at the end of the post.


The “Write for Us” opportunity is mutually beneficial, offering websites a steady stream of diverse content and writers a platform to showcase their expertise. It’s a strategic tool for enhancing online presence, building authority, and fostering collaborative growth within the digital community.